Ayurveda, harmony for body, mind and soul

Eat yourself delightfully healthy with Ayurvedic nutrition. - Cooking courses and consultation in Küssnacht am Rigi, Lucerne or online.

Away from lack of energy and physical complaints - towards a vital, healthy state full of vitality.

It's nice that you found your way to me through Ayurveda.

Maybe because you can't sleep through the night and therefore don't have enough energy for the next day?  

Or because your digestion is not as it should be?

Is it because you feel restless and nervous and would like to feel more grounded?

Or just out of curiosity, because you want to know your constitution (dosha) and are interested in individual nutrition tips?

Or maybe because you would like to expand your cooking skills in one of my cooking courses in Küssnacht, Lucerne, or in a Yoga-Ayurveda retreat?

Ayurveda offers so much for a balanced, vital and healthy life and I am happy to share my knowledge with you.


What is Ojas? - the essence that holds everything together.

Ojas - pronounced "odshas" - translates as "that which enlivens" or often "radiance".

It is the force that gives us attractiveness, vibrancy, and joie de vivre, which is responsible for our well-being and spiritual power. This power influences our mind, body and says an enormous amount about the way we conduct relationships, deal with feelings and trust life.

This radiance is the basis of every Ayurvedic and Yogic measure, as it is partly responsible for keeping our body, mind and soul healthy. Ojas is accountable for building healthy body tissues.

Every food you eat, everything you think, feel and process is the concentrated essence, and what is ultimately left is called Ojas.